James Marlatt PhD

Certified Executive Coach

Leadership Coach

Specializing in Virtual Leadership Coaching


Jim’s ability to listen then reflect back to me what he has heard has been astounding. So many times it is not until I hear this reflection that I truly understand myself and my thoughts or feelings. Most times people want to provide you with their advice without recognizing that what you really need is an opportunity to understand yourself. – Coachee

Jim brings 110% of himself to every coaching conversation. In not one instance have I felt that he was distracted or focused on something other than me and my personal success. He is totally committed to helping me clarify and achieve my aspirations and does so without judgment or bias. – Coachee

With Jim’s coaching over the past year and half, my professional development has accelerated substantially.  His coaching has helped me with many aspects of my work life, from dealing with difficult work-related issues to setting career goals. Jim encourages me to think about the possibilities and to look for solutions. – Coachee

Every comment Jim makes is extremely well thought-out. He carefully considers every question and statement and does not make “off-the-cuff” remarks. He is constantly considering the impact of his statements. This attribute is key to me as I find myself reflecting on many of his comments long after our conversations because of the respect I have developed for him and his perspectives. – Coachee

I think one of Jim’s greatest attributes is that his encouragement is genuine. He doesn’t provide a bunch of rosy, vague comments designed purely to make me feel good about myself.  His positive affirmations are based on his understanding of who I am and who I want to become. By helping me to honestly identify my strengths and skills and draw attention to my successes, it allows me to see who I truly am and helps build my self-confidence to achieve my personal goals. – Coachee

Jim typically asks the questions I need to come to my own conclusions however, when he does feel that it is beneficial to provide feedback, or when I ask for his feedback, he always asks permission then proceeds with his thoughts on the subject. Because of his consideration for me and his desire to see me succeed, I find myself very open to receiving his feedback because I know it is truly with my best interest in mind. – Coachee