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Hi, my name is Jim Marlatt. I am a Certified Executive Coach and the founder of The Virtual Coach.

The Virtual Coach is a blog dedicated to helping other people understand the benefits of face-to-face and virtual coaching.

My international business and coaching experience spans over 40 years from the front line to the boardroom.

I work with people in large and small organizations, governments, and indigenous communities.

I can relate to most situations that my clients face in organizational settings.

Many of my clients say that I have a natural ability to help others on their individual and professional journeys through coaching


I have quite a few credentials that I will use to support our coaching:

√  Ph.D. in Human & Organizational Systems from Fielding Graduate University, with a dissertation on leadership and coaching. 

√  MA in Human Development, Fielding Graduate University

√  MBA from Athabasca University with a focus on Strategic Management.

√  Certified Executive Coach, with an International Coach Federation approved Masters level certificate from Royal Roads University.

√  Evidence Based Coach with certification from Fielding Graduate Unversity.

√  Professional Engineer, Engineering degree from Queen’s University.

√  Certified in psychometric, emotional intelligence, leadership development, team building, and group facilitation systems.

√  Kalef Train-the-Trainer Facilitator Program

√  Kegan-Lahey Immunity to Change Program


I am certified to administer a variety of confidential psychometric, and developmental assessments. I also facilitate team building programs.

My clients find that their assessments help them to build self awareness.

Assessments can also help identify personal and professional strengths and areas for development.

Here are some of the tools that we can use to support our coaching.

Many of my coaching clients find that the insights that arise from their confidential assessments are very useful:

v Confidential On-Line Self Assessments 

√  Engagement: Individual Workplace Engagement Assessments

√  Individual Wellness Assessments

√  Career Interest & Career Values Assessments

√  Personality: MBTI-Step II Personality Type Indicator

√  Relationships: FIRO-B Interpersonal Orientation

√  Lominger Leadership Architect Competency Framework

√  Emotional Intelligence: EQi-2 Emotional Intelligence Indicator

v Confidential On-line Multi-Rater “360” Feedback

√  Multi-rater Feedback: Psychometrics Canada 360

√  Multi-Rater Feedback: EQi-360 Emotional Intelligence Feedback

√  Multi-Rater Feedback: Lominger Voices-360 Leadership Competency Feedback

v Team Building Assessments & Workshops

√  Team Building: Lominger Team Architect Competency Framework

√  Team Building:  Parker Team Building Program

√  Team Building: MBTI Team Building Workshop

√  Conflict Resolution: Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Workshop

v Large Group Facilitation

√  Open Space Technology

√  World Cafe

√  Appreciative Inquiry

√  Strategic Planning: Mission, Vision, Values

v Consulting

√  Process Consultation: I will work with the sponsor to develop a successful organizational development process.

√  Consulting: Confidential Workplace Conflict Assessments

v Vertical Learning – Transformative Learning – Leadership Agility

√  Harthill Leadership Development Profile


Jim Marlatt PhD Certification