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Engage. Lead. Excel.

Individuals from all walks of life and all levels of organization, who are motivated to move forward in their lives, can benefit from the support of a coach.

How Can I Help You?

Leadership Coaching

Executive Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Performance Coaching

Team Coaching

Leader-Coach Training

Transformative Coaching for Individuals With High Potential


Leadership Development

Leadership Competencies

Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

Leadership Development Program Design & Facilitation

Team Building

Parker, Lominger, MBTI, TKI & Custom Workshops

Large Group Facilitation

Open Space, Appreciative Inquiry, World Café

Strategic Planning: Mission, Vision, Values

Psychometric, Competency & "360" Assessments

Wellness & Engagement

Career Fit


Leadership & Team Competency

“360” Feedback Assessments

Leadership Agility

Workplace Investigations & Organization Development

Confidential Workplace Conflict Assessments

Organization Development Through Process Consultation

Culture Change

leadership pathways


The Leadership Coaching Focus

v Executive Coaching. Leadership Coaching. Performance Coaching.

v Cost Effective & Flexible Solutions for Individuals & Organizations.

v One-on-one coaching for increased performance & leadership.

v Competency-based coaching for engagement & business results.

v Identify strengths and weaknesses through powerful assessments.

v Transformative coaching for people with high potential.

v Select one of our coaching programs.

v Or we will customize a program to suit your needs.

v Cost effective virtual and face-to-face coaching options.


For Executives. For Leaders. For Performance.

Good-to-Great Leadership Coaching Program for Executives

Increase organizational effectiveness by developing more effective relationships. Achieve Results. Develop Collaborations. Change the organizational system.

Leaps-and-Bounds Coaching Program for Leaders

Identify the gaps in your leadership. Leverage your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Let us help you to identify the competencies that you need to get the job done.

Get-Back-on-Track Performance Coaching Program for Everyone

Have you have fallen off the organizational rails? Let us help you to get back on track.Our bespoke coaching programs focus on taking you to the next level in life and work.

Our experienced coaches will work with you to develop your plan for the future. We will set up a coaching schedule to suit your needs and availability.

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Face-to-Face & Virtual Leadership Coaching 

We work with you to develop your leadership through face-to-face and virtual coaching.

We provide a full range of cost effective coaching and leadership development services to the business community over the phone and over the web.

Our goal is to help you to improve the bottom line, however you define it. 

Our focus is on personal, professional and organizational development through executive coaching and leadership development.

We Work With You Through Leadership Coaching …

√  We working with you to help you to improve the bottom line.

√  The bottom line can be defined in many ways – personal, financial, social, environmental, technological. We will help you improve it, however you define it.

√  We work with you to develop cost effective solutions to your business challenges.

√  We work with you to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your people, processes, and projects.

√  We help to improve your leadership, your business acumen, your team, and your organization.

√  We focus on coaching to improve your business. We coach to help you align your strategy, vision, mission, objectives and goals and practice.

√  We coach for you, your team, and for your organization.

√  Our focus is on developing better leaders, business acumen, and organizational systems.

The Leadership Coaching Process

√  We develop confidential coaching relationships.

√  We establish a time-schedule to talk frequently about things that are important to you.

√  We can coach face-to-face, by telephone, over the Internet.

√  Our relationship will be trusting and future focused.

√  We will engage you in a variety of ways – as a coach, advisor, mentor, whatever works!

√  We will work hard to help you to take your leadership, your team, and your organization to the next level.

√  You will benefit from our business experience.

√  Experience that has been gained from working in the real world of business, as executives, managers and frontline workers.

√  Experience gained from working  from the frontline to the boardroom, in large, small and private companies and start-ups.

√  You will work with certified coaches. Experts in the business world. Experts in human and organizational systems.